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Meet the Rock 'n' Kids! Staff


Jamie Puffpaff

Jamie Puffpaff created the Tot Rock and Kid Rock programs in 1995 as a way to give young children a way to exercise their creativity, their minds and their bodies! Jamie loves meeting new families from all over Chicago-land and helping their children learn to express themselves through music. When she’s not working, Jamie likes to play tennis, read, go to the movies, have fun with her grandchildren and entertain. Read Jamie's recent interview from


Miss Laura

Miss Laura has been teaching for Rock ‘n’ Kids since 2001. She loves her students’ imaginations and senses of humor. She also loves the joy they have when they accomplish something new! Miss Laura sings in three choirs and enjoys reading, doing puzzles and cross stitch, traveling, walking and hiking.

Miss Mari

Miss Mari has been with Rock ‘n’ Kids since 2001. She also teaches belly dancing and is a performer and choreographer. Mari loves watching the Food Network and talent show TV. What she loves most about her students is that they are honest, and love to play and learn!

Miss Susie

Miss Susie has been a Rock ‘n’ Kids instructor since 2008. She loves listening to all the funny things her students say, and that when they walk into her classroom, they make her feel like the most important person in the world! She also loves their innocence and their excitement for life, as well as their willingness to trust and love. Miss Susie enjoys watching her family grow up. She also loves all things Disney, especially Mickey Mouse!

Mr. Dave

Mr. Dave has been with Rock ‘n’ Kids since 2008. When he is not teaching for Rock ‘n’ Kids, Mr. Dave teaches piano lessons at his music studio, and loves playing with his band, “This End Up”. He also enjoys water-based hobbies such as kayaking, skiing, and scuba diving. What Mr. Dave loves about his Tot and Kid Rockers is the enjoyment they have playing with the different instruments and socializing with each other!

Miss Diana

Miss Diana enjoys spending time with her family. She also likes reading, cooking, and baking. An instructor since 2009, Miss Diana loves how curious and eager to learn her students are!

Mr. Rich

Teaching since 2012, Mr. Rich loves seeing how toddlers and preschoolers use their imaginations! He is an avid Star Wars and WWE fan.

Miss Camille

Miss Camille has taught Tot Rock and Kid Rock since 2013. She loves how excited her students get when they are exposed to new experiences. She also loves how they enjoy playing and using their imaginations! In her free time, Miss Camille likes to spend time with her friends and family. She also enjoys cooking and baking.

Miss Pam

Working in the Rock ‘n’ Kids office since 2013, Miss Pam enjoys reading, puzzle solving and escape rooms, camping, traveling, and cooking. Their curiosity and enthusiasm are what Miss Pam loves most about toddlers and preschoolers!

Miss Lisa

In her free time, Miss Lisa loves reading, listening to music, learning new things, and being with her family. As a Rock ‘n’ Kids instructor since 2014, she loves to see the growth each child makes in her classes. She also loves seeing their beautiful smiling faces and squeals of delight while doing parachute play or catching bubbles!

Miss Nicole

Miss Nicole loves the enthusiasm and energy that toddlers and preschoolers have! She has been an instructor since 2016. She loves spending time with her family, reading, dancing, and making music!

Miss Katherine

Not only was she one of Rock ‘n’ Kids first students, but Miss Katherine is also a second-generation Rock ‘n’ Kids instructor! In her free time Katherine loves to sing in choirs, read, listen to music, and get together with friends. She has been an instructor since 2017 and loves how smart the students are and has so much fun interacting with them!

Miss AngelaMiss Angela

New to Rock 'n' Kids in 2018, Miss Angela goes to school full time when she's not teaching or playing with her nieces and nephews and her new puppy! Miss Angela loves seeing the joy in the Rock 'n' Kids students she works with!

Miss VickiMiss Vicki

Interacting with children is one of Miss Vicki's favorite things to do, especially now that she has a new daughter of her own! Joining Rock 'n' Kids in 2018, Miss Vicki loves seeing the students' excitement when they learn something new. She also enjoys spending time with her family, dancing and working out.

Miss CarrieMiss Carrie

Miss Carrie has a big interest in musical theater, which is why she is a great addition to the 2018 Rock 'n' Kids team! She loves watching how joyful and enthusiastic her students are in class. With her husband and two children, Miss Carrie enjoys playing outside, going to the beach and swimming.

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